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Clonshaugh Data Centre Granted Planning!

Clonshaugh Data Centre Granted Planning!

G-Net 3D are delighted to announce that our recent photomontage work on Clonshaugh data centre has just helped secure that all important planning permission.

The new data centre project, the first venture into Europe by T5 Data Centres and a joint venture with Clonmont Development Group, marks the latest in the growing market of data centres. Indeed, Ireland is becoming something of a launchpad for big data hubs and according to a recent report from Host In Ireland in conjunction with Bitpower, shows that 16 data centres came on stream in 2018. Commenting on the report Gary Connolly of Host In Ireland acknowledged:

“At the end of 2018, there were about three million square feet of data centre space in the Dublin Metro area … indications are that this capacity will double in four to five years … We expect 2019 to bring continued growth as Ireland continues to build its reputation”

As such, Clonshaugh is certainly helping to add to this growing number in 2019. According to a report by the IDA Ireland, data centre investments, like the one at Clonshaugh, are helping to contribute over €1 billion a year supporting over 5,700 construction and operational jobs and creating a further 2,800 by May 2018.

Indeed Leo Clancy, head of the technology, consumer and business services at IDA Ireland has claimed that the large scale, early adoption of data centre development in Ireland has the added benefit of showcasing Irish companies as recognised global leaders in all parts of data centre planning, consulting and implementation. Helping to bridge and invite even more overseas contracts and Foreign direct investment for Irish Companies with a proven history of data centre developments.

For the team at G-Net 3D this means we have experienced understanding of all elements of visualising large-scale data centre projects by use of our powerful photomontage services. Which in this case allowed Clonshaugh to position numerous viewpoints by which to assess the visual impact of the centre in the landscape, and various elements of operational logistics for access and security points

Helping to streamline the decision process for granting the project the go ahead. Another project past the line for the G-Net 3D team.