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Penrose Dock Development, Cork City has become the heart of an architectural rising …

Penrose Dock Development, Cork City has become the heart of an architectural rising …

Ambitious in scale by JCD Development– at over nine storeys. Daring in its design by Wilson Architects– featuring two gold LEED complexes. Beautifully landscaped by Cunnane Stratton Reynolds.

Finally, even if we do say so, gorgeously rendered by our award winning team here at G-Net 3D. The life of Penrose Dock has been one of boom in such a short space of time.

With the team at G-Net 3D coming onboard in the pre planning stages in May 2018 to plan and visualise how the construction would look with the use of our CGI’s and photomontages. These photomontages proved invaluable to the planning application to Cork City Council. By Oct 2018 planning had been approved on the €125m development, and work has moved swiftly to see these beautiful photomontages to completion …

It certainly helped that a rare bit of Cork sunshine was there on the day of the shoot. Of course this was only the beginning of the story for both JCD’s Penrose Dock and the team at G-Net 3D.

What followed were the production of gorgeous animations, capturing the scale of Penrose Dock and the culture and spirit including open plaza with restaurants, gyms and retail spaces, all conveniently located next to Kent Station for the future 2500 workers the buildings will home. Who will ultimately be the ones that will fill and benefit from the 250,000sq ft office spaces that are up for grabs at Penrose Dock.

While photomontages help our clients secure planning, it is G-Net 3D’s animations that help secure clients!

So why not check out the animation for yourself:


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Minister Paschal Donoghue spoke of the development: “we have seen how this type of development and regeneration of city centre sites have worked very well in other progressive locations around the world.

“With the integration of public transport, large employment hubs and ultimately high-density residential developments, these projects breathe life and prosperity back into areas of cities that have long been underutilised.”

This is certainly true from the long line of projects that G-Net 3D have worked on from residential to commercial … Cork City is certainly on the Rise! You can find our full portfolio here.